Friday, April 18, 2008


Some exciting changes are underway at Virginia Bead. Virginia Bead is now ADDITION.
Why the change?
After nearly 3 years, we were ready for a fresh vision & the name change is only the beginning. Over time, as a designer I have explored many other mediums for jewelry besides "beads". Things such as vintage metals, unique pendants & lockets, as well as cloth & softer embellishments have creeped their way into the creations. Therefore, the change began with a simple desire for the name of this company to be a true reflection of the product we offer.
In brainstorming this new name & vision, we thought long & hard about what it is that we actually offer? The thing about jewelry is that it is not the necessity of life. Addition jewelry is not something we must have. We may not need it, but we want it. It is a little something extra, the perfect "addition" to any outfit.
We hope that you can rely on us for that "addition". We hope to bring you new "additions" to our website, as well as, each month. We are currently in a few boutiques & hope to expand & let you know the latest locations to pick up your "additions". We also hope to go beyond jewelry in the "additions" we bring to you.
Ultimately, we hope to be the place you come for...
the fresh ADDITION to
your look
your style
your life.